WW2 World Currency - 1 Banknote + 1 Silver Coin Used During The World War 2 (Philippines 1943-45) - MacArthur Returned as Promised - with Bags of Silver!, Certificate of Authenticity Included.

EUR 39,90

  • History in your Hands – Extraordinary historical WW2 Memorabilia Collection of 2 Original pieces that have been part of the World War 2. The United States exercised formal colonial rule over the Philippines, its largest overseas colony, between 1899 and 1946. Under pressure from protectionists, nativists, and military officials fearful of Japanese imperialism, the U.S. Congress passed the Tydings-McDuffie Act in 1934
  • Museum Monies – 10 peso note of Series 1943 44, issued by the Mindanao Emergency Currency Board authorized under Wendell Fertigs forces the United States Forces in the Philippines. Expand your historical exhibit or display with money handled by real people. The notes of the currency board were issued throughout Mindanao in response to Wendell Fertigs forces moving from one location to another after Japanese forces retaliated on the guerrilla ambushing their forces and carrying out sabotage.
  • A unique Collection - Before General Douglas MacArthur left the Philippines in early World War II, he dumped every silver coin he could get his hands on into the Manila Bay in order to keep the Japanese from using them to buy weapons. When he returned as promised in 1944, the country was in desperate need of silver coins. So, the Denver Mint came to the rescue, striking these twenty Centavo silver coins and shipping them quickly to the islands. MacArthur Returned as Promised With Bags of Silver
  • Inspected by Experts – The Coin and Banknote you receive are carefully inspected by a member of the company's team of numismatic experts, which allows us to ensure the authenticity of each piece. The Set comes with a printed Certificate of Authenticity.
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