About Us


In 2005 we founded Impacto Coleccionables with a clear vocation: to bring online collecting to those who, like us, are passionate about History.

Since then we have not stopped traveling the world looking for those pieces of coins and banknotes that, due to their rarity, originality, scarcity or beauty, deserve to be part of our life and that of our customers.

We like what we do, we create collections and we are passionate about it. It was 2006 and we had just launched our first website with the first Impacto logo. Our first collection was entitled "The Denarius, the coin of the Empire". A collection of 12 silver denarii, composed by 12 different Emperors of the Roman Empire. In only 3 months we sold the 250 numbered collections we were able to create. More than 3,000 denarii!

We still get excited when we remember the first on-line order because, although we had been working on the Internet since the late 90's, selling objects with a history of 2000 years was a real challenge and here we are, almost twenty years later, in a context where on-line shopping is much easier and more common with more enthusiasm if possible creating new collections and trying to reach many more people thanks to this invention that we love so much.

Keep collecting or start collecting, it's never too late. It's just a click ;-)