WW2 Memorabilia - 9 Stamps Issued in Berlin 1945 by The U.S. and Great Britain - The World War 2 Axis and Allies Collection

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  • History in Your Hands - On May 7, 1945, the German forces unconditionally surrendered to the Allies, at the order of General Alfred Jodl, who signed the agreement at Reims. After that, it was up to the Allies to take over governance of the defeated German state, including handling the printing of postage so that letters could still be sent.
  • Hold and study genuine WW2 memorabilia that was there during one of humanity’s most trying times. Shortly after the fall of the Third Reich, the Bizone, or the Allied Military Government (AMG) of the United States and Great Britain, was established. This zone issued the following series of stamps for civilian use in the occupation areas of West Germany that were under its control.
  • Museum Monies - All 9 stamps are new without circulation. Complete series, with facial values from 3 Pfennigs to 25 Pfennigs
  • Inspected by Experts – Each unit of postal stamp you receive is carefully inspected by a member of the American Numismatic Association
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The occupation of Germany began after the defeat of the Nazis in World War II, when the country was divided between the three victorious powers and France. The Allied powers divided the German territory west of the Oder-Neisse line into four zones of occupation, taking into account the borders of the Reich in 1937. The territories east of this line were divided between Poland and the Soviet Union.

The city of Berlin was jointly occupied by the Allied powers and subdivided into four sectors, which resulted in the existence of West Berlin and East Berlin, the latter eventually becoming the capital of the German Democratic Republic.

This set of 9 stamps was issued in 1945.

After the wartime restrictions and after the surrender, on May 8, 1945, the Allied postal service was reestablished.