WW2 World Currency - 6 Coins Used During The World War 2 by The Germans in The Territories They Occupied (1925/45). Special WW2 Memorabilia for Collector, Certificate of Authenticity Included.

EUR 49,90

  • History in Your Hands – Hold and study genuine WW2 Memorabilia that was there during one of humanity’s most trying times. These 6 Coins are a connection to real lives and untold stories. Minted between 1925 and 1945 by countries that were occupied by the Germans during World War II. Bohemia & Moravia, Austria, Belgium, France, Netherland and Poland.

  • nspected by Experts – Each coin you receive is carefully inspected by a member of the company's team of numismatic experts, which allows us to ensure the authenticity of each piece. A unique collection which was made possible by many years of collection around the world, by various specialized fairs. The coins have been carefully selected, which are of very good quality and nice condition.

  • Museum Monies – Expand your historical exhibit or display with Real Money handled by people around the globe during World War 2. Each Coin tells a story of its country’s citizens and wartime tragedy.

  • Box and capsules incluyed– The perfect gift for Coin Collectors and lovers of History.

  • The Impacto Mission – Trust us for exciting collections of historical banknotes and coins for collectors, historians, and professors. Your coins are backed by our pursuit of numismatic excellence.