Palau, 20 dollars 2022. Tiffany Art Metropolis - Roma 3 Oz Silver Coin

EUR 469,00

This is the second edition of the successful Tiffany Art Metropolis series. The 2022 release is dedicated to the capital of Italy – Rome. Hardly any other city can offer such a combination of modern lifestyle and ancient history. In one moment you can enjoy the latest fashion trends at high street, and in the next moment, just around the corner, you are facing a historic sight as a contemporary witness of the roman empire.

The reverse shows Rome from a bird’s-eye view highlighting selected buildings like the Colosseum, Vatican, Pantheon or Trevi Fountain. You can easily lose yourself in the highly detailed huge road network thanks to the enhanced smartminting® technology. The obverse pictures one of the most famous bridges of Rome, Ponte Sant’ Angelo. This was originally built in 134 AD by Roman emperor Hadrian to span the Tiber from the city centre to his newly constructed mausoleum, now the tower Castel Sant’ Angelo.

The Tiffany Art glass that the series is known for winds through the city as a representation of the River Tiber. The way the green colored glass appears to literally divide the coin in half is a ground-breaking achievement of numismatic technology! The 3 oz silver proof is limited to only 999 pieces

  • Country: Palau
  • Year: 2022
  • Face Value: 20 dollars
  • Metal: Silver ,999
  • Weight: 3 oz
  • Size: 55mm
  • Quality: Proof
  • Mintage: 999
  • Technique: Smartminting® (Ultra High Relief)

Category: Moneda Moderna