The Fall of Rome. The last days of the Empire. 6 authentic coins

EUR 217,00

Each of these 6 bronze Follis is a contemporary testimony to one of the most exciting eras in history.

All of the coins come from the height of the empire, shortly before the division into the west and east of Rome in 395, which was to lead to the establishment of the Byzantine Empire.

This set consists of coins from the last dynasties before the decline of the Roman Empire: 3 coins of the Valentinian dynasty are included, depicting the emperors Valens, Valentinian I and Gratian, who imposed Christianity as the state religion.

This collection is complemented by coins from the Constantinian dynasty featuring Emperor Constantine the Great, who was responsible for making Constantinople the new capital of Rome, as well as his son and successor Constans, and finally, Emperor Julian II.

Each individual coin is encapsulated and delivered in a wooden box.