Gambia - 1000 Dalasis 2015. Manatee

EUR 9,50

Gambia Collection 2015 Natural Treasures

They are a family of mammals, belonging to the order of sirenians.
They live in warm, shallow coastal waters, estuaries, lagoons and in slow-moving rivers.
They have isolated hairs (bristles) scattered all over their bodies and thick whiskers on their snouts. They are very large creatures, reaching up to 4 meters and can weigh up to one ton.

  • Year 2015
  • Country Gambia
  • Facial Value 1000 Dalasis
  • Weight 30 gr
  • Diameter 40 mm
  • Fluted Edge
  • Metal Base Metal - Silver Plated
  • Mintage 1.000 units

Category: monedas temáticas