Collectible Stocks Certificate - COLUMBIA Pictures Corporation

EUR 29,90

  • It was founded as CBC Film Sales Corporation on June 19, 1918 by Harry Cohn, his brother Jack Cohn and Joe Brandt. It adopted the name Columbia Pictures in 1924 and went public two years later. In its early years, it was a minor company in Hollywood.

  • Dimensions: 300x200 mm
  • Thanks to actors and directors such as Frank Capra, Cary Grant, Rtita Hayworth, Glenn Ford... it managed to consolidate its position to become one of the "big four" in the world.

  • A stock certificate is issued by corporations, usually companies. It is part of a company's permanent financing. Normally, they are never redeemed, and the investor can only get his money back by selling it to another investor. Most shares, or also called participations, earn dividends, at the discretion of the company, based on its share price. A shareholder is a co-owner of the company that issues the share certificates.
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