Zambia - 1000 Kwacha 2014. Buffalo

EUR 9,50

African Wildlife Collection

It lives in the forests and savannahs of sub-Saharan Africa. The horns are thick and well developed, curving upwards at the ends; the distance between them reaches one meter in males. The coat is dark brown or black and of short length, only long at the end of the tail and the edges of the ears.
The herds have a group of old males that guide the herd and alert it to predators. Given their size and bad temper (especially when it has been injured), African buffaloes lack predators except for man, lion and Nile crocodile.

  • Year 2014
  • Country Zambia
  • Face Value 1000 Kwacha
  • Weight 30 gr
  • Diameter 40 mm
  • Fluted Edge
  • Metal Base metal - Silver plated
  • Mintage 1.000 units

Category: monedas temáticas