WW2 World Currency - 3 Banknotes Used During The World War 2 by The Guerrilla (Philippines 1941-1945) - The Death Sentence Money, Certificate of Authenticity Included.

EUR 19,90

  • History in your Hands – Extraordinary historical WW2 Memorabilia Collection of 3 Original Banknotes that have been part of the World War 2. As Japanese forces overran the Philippines in 1941, provincial governments became isolated from Manila and could no longer obtain currency to meet official or commercial requirements. The government in exile, under President Quezon, and General MacArthur´s headquarters in Australia authorize local authorities in the Philippines to issue currency as needed.
  • Museum Monies – Expand your historical exhibit or display with money handled by real people around the globe during World War 2. Collectors who enjoy the unusual will have a field day with the Philippine emergency issues. They were printed by almost every conceivable method using any available papers and inks; even basic collections will contain a wide variety of note styles. During the Japanese occupation, possession of Guerrilla money was forbidden on penalty of death.
  • A unique World Currency Collection - The set includes banknotes issued in Cagayan (One Peso), Mindanao (Ten Pesos) and Negros Occidental (Two Pesos) between the years 1942 and 1944. As these pieces are more than 80 years old, many of them are in a delicate state of conservation. Original and unique collector's pieces. The set was made possible by many years of collection around the world, by various specialized Fairs.
  • Inspected by Experts – The banknotes you receive are carefully inspected by a member of the company's team of numismatic experts, which allows us to ensure the authenticity of each piece. The Banknotes comes with a printed Certificate of Authenticity.
  • The Impacto Mission – Trust us for exciting collections of historical banknotes and coins for collectors, historians, and professors. Your banknotes are backed by our pursuit of numismatic excellence