STEAMPUNK. Cook Island, 20 dollars 2020. 3 oz Silver. Antique finish

EUR 529,00

So how did people in the Victorian era about 200 years ago imagine the future?
At a time when the steam engine and gear-driven mechanics were the most modern achievements. This is precisely the subject of steampunk. Originating in literature (Jules Verne), this cultural movement has since spread to popular areas such as fashion, films and music.
This coin is an impressive example of how to bridge the gap between the past and modern numismatics. Take the time to discover all the details on this coin and immerse yourself in this exciting phenomenon.
The surface is partially gold-plated and finished with a patination that makes even the finest details of the coinage stand out even more vividly.

Minted in the Cook Islands in Silver, this 2020 $20 coin has stunning detail thanks to smartminting® technology. With a diameter of 50 mm, it has an Antique finish to enhance all the beauty and detail of this museum piece, of which, only 555 pieces were minted.