Palau, 10 dollars 2021. Hunters by Night. Eagle Owl. 2 Oz Silver

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The little mouse that lives in a field does not suspect anything. Calm and unconcerned, feeling safe under the cover of darkness. But wide-open orange eyes have taken hold of the little creature. A hunter high up in the branches readies itself, stretches its wings and silently dashes through the night towards its furry prey.

The second edition of the Hunters by Night series is a tribute to one of nature’s finest predators – the Eagle Owl. Alongside the ultra-high relief in enhanced smartminting® technology, the intense, glistening eyes of the feathered beast pierce the deep black night, which is achieved in a very realistic way by our exclusive Obsidian Black finish. So little light is reflected of this ultra-black finish that it requires you to view the piece at just the right angle to fully see all the incredible details the coin possesses.

The first edition of this series, the Black Panther, was released last year and was an instant worldwide success. So watch out, before another hunter snatches this lifelike 2 oz collectible right from under your nose, as there are only 888 pieces available.

  • Country: Palau
  • Year: 2021
  • Face Value: 10 dollars
  • Metal: Silver ,999
  • Weight: 2oz
  • Size: 38,61 mm
  • Quality: Obsidian Black
  • Mintage: 888
  • Technique: smartminting (Ultra High Relief)

Category: Moneda Moderna