Greece - 2 Euro Colored 2019, Andronikos

EUR 12,50

Country: Greece
Value: 2 Euro
Year: 2019

Manolis Andronikos was a Greek archaeologist. He was born in Bursa, in present-day Turkey, but soon moved with his family to Thessaloniki.

He was a professor of archaeology at the Aristotle University. He participated as a disciple of Konstantinos Rhomaios in the excavations of Vergina (ancient Egas) between 1938 and 1940. In 1949 he joined the Greek Archaeological Service, which gave him a position through which he was able to continue his archaeological work in Vergina. There he explored the so-called Great Tumulus, as well as another cemetery of small tumuli and the palace.
In 1977 and 1978, in the Great Tumulus he discovered some important royal tombs of the 4th century BC, with a rich grave goods, one of which he identified as that of Philip II of Macedon.