Australia - 1 dollar Bush Babies: Koala

EUR 9,50

Australian coin belonging to the series "Bush Babies".

Commemorative coin series of Australia dedicated to the puppies of the most charismatic animals of the country.
In this series we can enjoy the Sugar Glider, Koala, Kangaroo, Bilby and Dingo cubs.

On this coin, minted by the prestigious Perth Mint, we can see the Koala next to a bee. On the reverse, Queen Elizabeth II appears.

The koala is a species of marsupial diprotodont, arboreal, whose appearance is reminiscent of a teddy bear, with quiet habits, similar to those of a sloth.
The koala reaches a body length of 76 cm; the body is stocky and covered with soft, grayish-brown fur. The head is large and rounded, and it has large, rounded, hairy ears.

Card with the coin and its respective stamp.

Category: monedas temáticas