Subscription "2 Euros in 24K GOLD" - 24 coins month to month

EUR 29,00

Start collecting now, this exclusive collection of 2 Euro coins with 24 Carat Gold application. Subscribe to the collection and you will receive the first coin minted by Juan Carlos I and Felipe VI, by the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre.

In the 3rd issue, you will receive a case with space for 144 coins totally free of charge, in order to properly preserve your collection.

On January 1, 2002, the euro is launched in the European Community. In addition to generating great changes throughout the economic world, its coins are transformed into collector's items, which revolutionizes the collector's market.
Special interest among collectors has always had the 2 Euro coins, and given the great demand, we launched exclusively the 2 Euro coins plated in pure 24 Carat Gold. Given the success of the collection in countries such as Germany and France, we are sure that it will be repeated in our country.

Each coin is delivered in a numismatic capsule for its correct conservation, together with its corresponding certificate of authenticity.

Subscribe to this collection and you will receive month after month, a new 2 Euro coin, corresponding to different countries of the European Community; Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, etc.

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