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Australia - 1 dollar Bush Babies: Sugar Glider

EUR 9,50

Australian coin belonging to the series "Bush Babies".

Commemorative coin series of Australia dedicated to the puppies of the most charismatic animals of the country.
In this series we can enjoy the Sugar Glider, Koala, Kangaroo, Bilby and Dingo cubs.

On this coin, minted by the prestigious Perth Mint, we can see the Sugar Glider next to a dragonfly. On the reverse, Queen Elizabeth II appears.

The Sugar Glider is a marsupial mammal, native to Australia, New Guinea and Tasmania.
Its scientific name is Petaurus Breviceps and it is better known as Sugar Glider.
Sugar gliders are gliding animals, much like flying squirrels. They have short heads with pointed pink snouts, large eyes and ears. Their tail is almost as long as their body and is covered with abundant hair.

Card with the coin and its respective stamp.

Category: monedas temáticas