Ancient Greece. Authentic Silver coin of Alexander the Great, Drachma of 356-323 BC.

EUR 249,00

Alexander the Great

Authentic and Original Greek silver coin, an exclusive piece with more than 2300 years of history.

Alexander III of Macedonia was born on 20 / 07 / 356 BC and died on 11 / 06 / 323 BC, was king of Macedonia, from 336 BC, Hegemon of Greece, Pharaoh of Egypt, from 332 BC, and Great King of Media and Persia, from 331 BC, until the date of his death.

His reign of more than thirteen years was marked by political and cultural change in the areas he conquered. This period of history is known as the Hellenistic Period (332 BC - 30 BC).

This is a unique piece, very difficult to obtain in large quantities that have been obtained after many years of collecting and buying around the world, by several numismatic fairs and specialized auctions. It belongs to the "Treasures with History" Collection.

Approximate measures, Diameter: 17,5mm - Weight: 4,3gr.

*Since these are authentic pieces, they are all different from each other, so the piece received may differ from the one shown in the images.