Coin Collection - Collectible Coins for Collectors - Piggy bank gold bar with 1 Kg. of Rare Coins - World Currency Set - Piggy bank gold bar - Old Foreign Currency (COA Included)

EUR 49,90

  • Timeless Treasure – Open your decorative box and sink your hand into 1 Kg. of collectible coins from around the world, and a few really rare, old and ancient tax tokens. Connect with the cultures and peoples who used these historical coins every day.

  • Rare Coins – Add a serious piece of history to your coin collection.

  • Impressive Variety – Enjoy an expert-curated set of ancient coins for collectors. Your random assortment of authentic circulated currencies was inspected by a member of the American Numismatic Association.

  • Strength for the Ages – Your durable ingot with old money looks great on your shelf and is full of heirloom potential.

  • The Impacto Promise – Open your piggy bank and find an antique coin collection imbued with the passion of historians. Your treasure is backed by our dedication to service and a certificate of authenticity.

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    Enjoy a variety spanning 3 centuries and 6 continents. Your coin collection represents war, peace, social change, international diplomacy, and the stories of regular people who built the modern world. We’re here to bring you coins that connect.