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Collectible Stocks Certificate - PEPSI-COLA United Bottlers, Inc

EUR 59,90

  • Pepsi first appeared in 1893. Its inventor was the pharmaceutical chemist Caleb Davis Bradham, who prepared and sold the drink in his apothecary's shop in the U.S. town of New Bern (North Carolina).

  • Dimensions: 300x200 mm
  • In 1898, its creator named it Pepsi Cola, alluding to the digestive enzyme pepsin and the kola nuts used in the recipe. Bradham's goal was to create a delicious soft drink that would aid digestion and be a stimulant.

  • A stock certificate is issued by corporations, usually companies. It is part of a company's permanent financing. Normally, they are never redeemed, and the investor can only get his money back by selling it to another investor. Most shares, or also called participations, earn dividends, at the discretion of the company, based on its share price. A shareholder is a co-owner of the company that issues the share certificates.
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