World Paper Money - 16 Banknotes of The Iron Curtain, Soviet Union and its Satellite States

$36.00 USD

  • A Worldly Wallet – Enhance and expand your Banknotes Collection with a global grab bag from Impacto. Marvel at 16 unique uncirculated notes in an assortment painstakingly assembled by our team of experts.
  • 16 banknotes representing the various countries of the former USSR - Deepen your knowledge of world currency with collectible banknotes from 16 Iron Curtain participants. Enjoy a pre-selected collection of uncirculated and circulated world banknotes covering a wide variety of an important era of Cold War history.
  • Impressive Variety – Enjoy an expert-curated set of paper money for collectors. Great diversity of printing colors, large and small dimensions, prints with high security measures, diverse face values, and finally some of them difficult to obtain among collectors.
  • Expert Inspected – Choose a set of real money for collectors, by collectors. Your world bills were inspected by a member of the American Numismatic Association and are shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity.
  • The Impacto Promise – Count on Impacto for excellent service and exciting sets of certified genuine rare coins, banknotes, and stamps. Your collection is backed by our commitment to your satisfaction.