Cook Islands, 20 dollars 2020. Fighter Pilot - Real Heroes. 3 Oz Silver

EUR 459,00

Surely many children have dreamed of becoming a fighter pilot during their childhood.
Many of those same children, and even adults, watched the original "Top Gun" movie and kept dreaming. Soon, Tom Cruise and his iconic role as an assault fighter pilot will once again pay homage to these real-life heroes.
A stunning 3 oz 50mm silver coin limited to only 499 pieces. One look at this and you will ask yourself, "Am I looking at the coin or is the pilot looking at me behind his visor?".
This is the result when the possibilities of enhanced smartminting technology are applied. The ultra-high relief, the partially polished honeycomb pattern and the extremely detailed elements that go all the way to the edge of the coin and even beyond it, generate an incredibly realistic image. "Only the brave are free" is the matching phrase on the obverse.
Get this coin and be your own hero.

  • AUTÉNTICA moneda de Islas Cook de 3oz. de Plata de ,999
  • Acuñada en el 2020 con un valor facial de 20 dólares y una tirada de TAN SÓLO 499 piezas
  • Moneda muy exclusiva agotada en prácticamente todo el mundo
  • Acuñada con la tecnología smartminting (Ultra High Relief) donde apreciará hasta el más mínimo detalle de la moneda

Category: Moneda Moderna