Cook Islands, 25 dollars 2021. 7 Summits. Elbrus. 5 Oz Silver

EUR 399,00

With a height of 5642 m (18510 ft.) Mount Elbrus is the most elevated summit in the Caucasus mountain range and the highest mountain in Russia. But is the cone-shaped rock massif with its double peak also the highest in Europe?

This depends on the definition of the inner Eurasian border, it could undoubtedly be Mont Blanc as well. Nevertheless, we have decided to add Elbrus to our series as the highest mountain in Eurasia.

This 6th edition of the Seven Summits series impresses with our enhanced smartminting® technology and a refined coloring that shows the heavily glaciated, dormant volcano in all its beauty. The detailed topographic relief, in 5 oz silver, is a reminder of how ambitious the first ascent must have been in 1874.  The ultra-high relief extends well above the surface of the coin.

This spectacularly depicted force of nature is worthy of a place alongside the other editions of this stunning series.

  • Country: Cook Islands
  • Year: 2021
  • Face Value: 25 dollars
  • Metal: Silver ,999
  • Weight: 5oz
  • Size: 65 mm
  • Quality: BU
  • Mintage: 777
  • Technique: smartminting (Ultra High Relief)

Category: Moneda Moderna