16 Original Animal Coins, from 16 Different Countries - Miracles of Nature Animals Collection

$50.00 USD

Coins with animal motifs have always been very popular.
This colorful coin collection pays tribute to this theme.
It contains 16 uncirculated coins featuring animals from all over the world.

The range extends from the sea turtle to the African elephant to the Bengal tiger.
The 16 coins come from 16 different countries and five continents - among many others, exotic countries such as Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Falkland Islands, Lesotho and Cape Verde are included, inviting to a trip around the world.

  • Set of 16 original coins issued by 16 different countries, and minted between 1973 and 2015. All of them in very good condition.

  • The wide variety of animals ranges from the sea turtle, the African elephant to the Bengal tiger.

  • The coins have been carefully selected, which are of very good quality and uncirculated.

  • This is a unique collection, which was made possible thanks to many years of research around the world, through various specialized fairs. Limited units