World War 2 Coins

2 Original Coins from The Great War 1914 - The Central Powers German Empire and The Austro-Hungarian Empire

EUR 69,00

  • Set of 2 Coins: 1 Silver Mark (1914) + 1 Silver Corona (1914) from Emperor Wilhelm II and Emperor Franz Joseph I

  • Both pieces are original and authentic, over 100 years old. Each coin has participated in one way or another in the First World War. Exclusive pieces with history.

  • The coins have been carefully selected, which are of very good quality and nice condition.

  • This is a unique collection, which was made possible by many years of collection around the world, by various specialized fairs. Limited units

This historical collection contains two genuine silver coins of the two Central Powers: the German Empire and the dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary. Both coins date from 1914, the year World War I began following the assassination of the Austrian heir to the throne, Franz Josef I.
On July 28, 1914, the Danube monarchy declared war on the Kingdom of Serbia. Shortly thereafter, Germany also entered the war on the side of its ally on August 1.

The German 1 Mark coin shows the national coat of arms of the Empire, while the Austrian 1 Crown coin is decorated with the portrait of Emperor Franz Joseph I.