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Australia - 1 dollar Bush Babies: Bilby

EUR 9,50

Australian coin belonging to the series "Bush Babies".

Commemorative coin series of Australia dedicated to the puppies of the most charismatic animals of the country.
In this series we can enjoy the Sugar Glider, Koala, Kangaroo, Bilby and Dingo cubs.

On this coin, minted by the prestigious Perth Mint, we can see the Bilby next to a grasshopper. On the reverse, Queen Elizabeth II appears.

The bilby has gained a lot of publicity in Australia in recent years and has become a symbol of Easter instead of the rabbit which is a serious parasite in Australia.
Its coat color varies from brown to gray, with a grayish underbelly and white tail.
It is a rather aggressive and surly animal, when it feels threatened it hisses and bites. It is a carnivorous animal, feeding mainly on the rodents it hunts. It is a species endemic to Australia, specifically to the deserts of Central Australia. It digs burrows in the sand dunes, these burrows were 2 to 3 meters deep.

Card with the coin and its respective stamp.

Category: monedas temáticas