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Palau, 5 dollars 2022. American Alligator. 1 Oz. Silver ,999

EUR 169,00

What happened here? Where is the person fishing in the everglades?

Maybe we are too late and the satisfied alligator already had its lunch and left the fisherman’s hat as a proof of his meal. Possibly, we are not a witness of a terrible accident, but just see a symbolic way to show that peaceful and respectful coexistence of man and wild animals is possible. You get to decide the story!

Thanks to the enhanced smartminting® technology the situation is captured on this impressive 1 oz 38.61 mm coin in a special way as you have two perspectives above and below the water surface. Ultra-high relief on both sides and a sophisticated coloring bring this scenario to life in two different perspectives.

The mintage of this new release is 2022 and it will give you goose bumps when you hold it in your hand as you think about the Alligator that still roams among us!

  • Country: Palau
  • Year: 2022
  • Face Value: 5 Dollars
  • Metal: Silver ,999
  • Weight: 1 Oz.
  • Size: 38,61 mm.
  • Quality: Proof
  • Mintage: 2500
  • Technique:  smartminting® (Ultra High Relief)

Category: Moneda Moderna