Billetes antiguos

The Last Samurai. 100 Mon coin (1835-1870) + 1 Monme banknote (1869). Certificate of Authenticity included

EUR 42,50

In 1854, the Japanese kingdom opened up after almost 200 years of self-imposed isolation. The established tradition of the Shoguns (“Generals“) and Samurai (“Warriors”) was abolished in the “Meiji Restoration”. The country was converted into a modern state, in accordance with the Western model, in the course of this restoration. The Samurai objected to this innovation, but in 1877, after a hard battle, ultimately had to bend to the new era. This collection includes an oval coin of 50x33mm with a square hole in the middle, and a banknote issued in 1869 in very good condition and measures 135x30mm.